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After hours of negotiations, the Minnesota Fetale Tudo Federation of Fetal Fighters (MFTFFF) announced that during next weeks International Fetale Tudo Sport Fetal Fighting World Championship Cup, they have officially signed a match between Greg "Ranger" Stott and Fred Ettish. This match will be a sport fetal fighting match, yet it still promises to be one of the most exciting matches ever!

The fight has been officially signed for April 9th and it is to be held in the Minnesota Grand Sporting arena.

Ranger, who was once a student of Ettish's family style has publicly challenged Grandmaster Ettish on many occasions, claiming that he has pushed the Fetal style to the next level. "I have nothing against Fred or the Ettish family, I owe them allot, I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for them" Ranger said at the press conference Wednesday. "I just want to the world to see that you don’t have to be an Ettish to be a great fetal fighter. I will fight him under sport rules or in a no rules match, it doesn’t matter to me."

Fred Ettish, who has been in a state of semi-retirement, was sporting a shaved head, which was somewhat disturbing.

Fred had this to say, "I have been training hard for the past few months, I have almost completely recovered from the groin injury that occurred while helping Guy Mezger train for his match against Tito Ortiz in the UFC."

"I have been teaching class at my school five times a day, and then training many well known NHB fighters in the evening. I feel that I am good shape, and my technique is sharp, I am not worried about this match."

Other than that brief statement, Fred was very quite during the whole press conference, while Ranger was his usual loud mouthed self spouting off about his new RIP instructional videos that are coming out next month.


A word from the master.
Hello again to all my fellow practicioners of the Fetal arts.

It has been a while since we have updated the on-line dojo, but we have been busy training so many fighters lately we haven't had time to do much of anything else.

You might have noticed, fetal fighters are becoming more and more visible in the world of "No holds barred" fighting. We really have been working hard to get more public recognition, and hopefully further the growth of our beloved sport.

We will have some new interviews and fight tutorials from some of the newer additions to the EFF Academy, so check back often and be sure to update your bookmarks, our new web site is now at:

You can email me at

Thank you and keep training!!


Get "Hammered" with Mark Coleman, as he gives a tutorial on some of the most cutting edge fighting techniques the world has ever seen!!

Click here for a lesson in HAMMER/EFF techniques from Team Fetal's newest member!

Here is the EXCLUSIVE post Collision Course (UFC 15) interview with the newest EFF affiliated NHB Fighter!!


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